As a freelancer, coach or consultant, you (and only you) are responsible for your financial success.

So, at the end of the day, if you fail at closing business and putting food on your family’s table, there is only one person to blame…..YOU!

Now, don’t get me wrong.  I’m not just calling you out.  I’m calling myself and my sales team out too.

We are all guilty of spending too much time in front of the computer these days working on the “perfect sales funnel” to warm up and convert new clients while we sleep…..and not enough time doing what is needed to actually CLOSE sales.

As an independent professional, in many cases, you are selling a “service” like coaching or consulting where your future clients are buying you and your expertise.

So, it’s only logical that you should interact with those prospects on a personal level in order to build rapport and trust, right?

So answer me this…..

Why are freelancers, coaches and consultants hesitant (or even afraid) to pick up the phone and call their prospects?

It seems so obvious that this should be a part of their daily routine….shouldn’t it?

Now, I get it, this is easier said than done….and I personally am not a “naturally gifted sales person” (as I’m sure many of the people reading this article are not either).

keep-calm-and-pick-up-the-phone-10In fact, I used to HATE cold calling.  When I first started in sales back in 2003, I was taught how to cold call from an experienced sales manager.  And, everything about it made me cringe.

I personally hate having my day interrupted by a sales call….and the thought of me doing that to someone else…uggg….it made me sick to my stomach.

However, I knew that in order to thrive…..I needed to get good at it.  So, I practiced and practiced and over time, I got good at dealing with buyer objections (and rejections)….and I was very successful at sales and earned a good commission at that first job.

But, now that it’s 2016, it seems that the traditional “art of sales” (where you actually talk to a person) has been forgotten.  It’s way too easy nowadays to hide behind a computer screen and never actually speak to a potential prospect.

That said, technology has created the ability to turn cold leads into warm prospects before you ever get them on the phone.  So, it’s more important than ever to implement social sales strategies into your process.

But eventually… do need to get your prospects on the phone and close the deal.

Find Your Sales Mentor…And Do It Fast

Now, there are a number of sales experts out there that are willing to share strategies and tactics that work in today’s connected world. But, with so much information out there….it’s tough to know who you can trust.

Well, I have been researching and implementing strategies from a number of sales experts over the past 6 months.  And, I can tell you from personal experience that their advice has completely transformed my businesses.

Since the start of 2016, we have generated multiple 6-figures in sales (with the majority of them closing in the last 2 months when we started doing phone sales) by implementing their advice.

These changes that we have made to our sales process has created a tipping point that virtually guarantees we will hit multiple 5-figures in sales every month going forward.

And, there is nothing more fulfilling (and relieving) than knowing you have a recipe for success that can be repeated month after month!

So, on that note, I wanted to share some of the mentors I’ve been following these past few months so you can soak up some of their wisdom.

4 Sales Influencers You Should Follow

Now….full disclosure….each of the experts listed below have a different approach.  Some will likely rub you the wrong way at first (I know that happened to me).

But, I want to encourage you to keep an open mind and don’t think you have to follow their advice word for word.  Instead, let it sink in, even if it’s uncomfortable at first, and start to implement the strategies they teach.

If you are not hitting the sales goals you are hoping for right now, what do you have to lose, right?

Grant Cardone

Grant has a huge personality that backs up what he teaches and delivers a ton of value to his followers. I first became aware of Grant back in 2011 when Lewis Howes interviewed him about sales strategies.  His daily videos are motivating and offer actionable advice for those looking to ramp up their sales production.  If you are looking for a daily kick in the pants to live up to your potential, Grant is your man!

Ryan Stewman

I first heard Ryan at the most recent Funnel Hacking Live event in San Diego.  While there were a number of excellent speakers at this event, I can say that Ryan’s talk was the one that fired up the crowd the most.  His inspiring personal story and ability to not only talk the talk, but also walk the walk, made him a crowd favorite.  Ryan consistently posts videos and live streams to his audience on Facebook and YouTube.

Shane Gibson

Shane and I first met 6 years ago at his “Vancouver Sales Performance” Meetup.  He is highly regarded as one of the most knowledgable “social selling” experts in the world. If you are looking for some solid advice on how to build authority and trust with your prospects, Shane is a great guy to follow.  Also make sure to subscribe to his “Social Media Podcast For Social Business” where he interviews other “social selling” experts and shares some wisdom on how to build your personal brand and authentically connect and build relationships online.

Jeremy Miner

I recently came across Jeremy Miner’s training via a Facebook ad promoting his 7 Figure Sales Training – “21 Day Sales Challenge”.  I found his email series to be very practical and helpful with topics including “How To Call Referrals” and “How To Diffuse Any Objection”.  He frequently posts motivational infographics on his social accounts that help get you into the right mindset to close more 7 figure deals!

Remember, you (and only you) are responsible and in control of your own success. And, if that means picking up the phone and doing what makes you uncomfortable to get ahead…..then stop procrastinating and make it happen!! 🙂

Is there anyone that you currently follow online for your daily dose of sales training wisdom?

Let me know in the comments so I can check out their stuff and soak in their knowledge.