“SOLOpreneur Mindset Mastery” The 4 Step Framework To Build A Thriving Business & Life

Tuesday, October 15

@ 10:00am Pacific | 1:00pm Eastern | 6:00pm BST

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If you are an SOLOpreneur that is looking for that “secret edge” to level up your business, finances and life….you need to be on this training!

Do you know what separates SOLOpreneurs that succeed at meeting their goals from those that fail?I’ll give you a hint….

It has NOTHING to do with generating consistent, qualified leads.
It has NOTHING to do with having a dialed in sales process (and follow up strategy)
It has NOTHING to do with creating more value-rich content.

While all of these are important pieces. The ONE thing that will help you excel in your business is…….

Yes….I know what you are thinking.Trevor…..I can’t just sit back and “attract” new clients with an abundant mindset.That’s just woo woo talk. But….I can tell you from personal experience…Until I committed to leveling up my mindset on what’s possible in my business….I struggled (for years) to consistently generate clients.

And, of course, my revenues suffered….and my relationships suffered….and my health suffered….

That’s why about 1.5 years ago I committed to integrating mindset work into my daily routine.And, we put a major focus on it in our Expert Selling Machine (mentoring) program. Because, with out the right mindset to push you through your limiting beliefs and impostor syndrome….you will constantly be “stuck” thinking you have to….”do more” and “work harder”.

In saying that….I want to let you in on a little “secret”. We have a full time Mindset Mentor in our program. Her name is Danielle Grant. And she has committed her life (and business) to serving entrepreneurs like you and me to level up our “mind game” so we can…..    

    •    Dial in our self-awareness
    •    Instil self-belief and trust
    •    Practice self-discipline
    •    Build your character
    •    Overcome limiting beliefs
    •    Integrate meditation
    •    Create healthy habits
    •    Crush your to-do list
    •    Focus on ONE thing at a time
    •    Celebrate our daily wins!

All of these are CRITICAL to your “success”.And I say “success” in quotes because “success” is not always measured by financial gains. It’s bigger than that.

It’s about truly being aligned with what we “sell”
It’s about attracting the perfect clients that value your expertise and time
It’s about being able to live with an abundance mindset to overcome your money conversations
It’s about focusing on what’s REALLY important in life (for me…family and health)

If this sounds like something you’d like more of in your life…..then you need to be on this training!

But be warned….Danielle is not going to put up with any BS stories about why you “can’t” do or have something in your life. She’s going to hold you high. She’s going to help you push thru those thoughts…..and your business (and life) will thrive because of it!

Trevor Turnbull
Founder – Expert Selling

Danielle Grant
Your Mindset Mentor


Are you a purpose-driven entrepreneur who is ready to make impact, create wealth, and feel more aligned than ever before? Danielle Grant is all about helping people work through their setbacks and barriers that they have created in their mind for their business, relationships, finances, health, etc. She works with high-level entrepreneur and her passion is helping them achieve their highest level of personal soul alignment possible.

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